Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Price $165,900 – $185,900
Fuel consumption 11.4 – 15.9 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 77%(view ratings)
For 2019, base and S models are no more, leaving only the GT C Coupe and Roadster along with the GT R Coupe. Their 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 cranks out 550 and 577 horsepower, respectively, good for 0-100 km/h sprints in 3.7 seconds or less. Another highlight is the set of 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels. The GT R continues to stand out with more aggressive-looking design elements like a large, fixed rear wing. New Mercedes me connect was added as standard equipment.

Tests and Features

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First Drives2020 Mercedes-AMG GT: Thundering Performance
Is it summer yet? It seems like this winter took forever to go away. Alas, just as warmer temperatures began to return, I found myself trapped on a plane headed to Stuttgart where cold, torrential rain awaited me. Talk about a bummer. My dose of sun—and fun—actually came in the …
First Drives2019 Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe: All Bases Covered
AUSTIN, Texas – About a dozen years ago, when Mercedes-Benz first introduced the CLS, a thoroughbred among sedans, it represented a radical departure from the classic sedan formula. Built on the same architecture as the E-Class, the CLS was not only beautiful, but it handled better and was more fun …
Special EventsAMG Performance Tour: The Sacred Cones
VANCOUVER, British Columbia – When you own, or desire to own a Mercedes-AMG, you need to first properly understand what you’re getting into. Sure, we admire these vehicles for their almost exaggerated levels of power and speed, but they’re also fitted with distinct driving modes that considerably alter their driving …
Spotlight onWe’re Heading to Vancouver Island for the AMG Performance Tour!
This week, we’ll be at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit in beautiful British Columbia to take part in the AMG Performance tour, hosted by Mercedes-Benz Canada. The main purpose of this event is to educate its participants about the driving dynamics of Mercedes-AMG vehicles. It’s actually a huge training program, one …
First Drives2018 Mercedes-AMG GT: AMG’s Ambadassador
PADERBORN, Germany – When your enemies are called the Audi R8 , the BMW M8 , the Jaguar F-TYPE and the Porsche 911 , and you want to compete with these performance stalwarts, you know the task at hand is a colossal one. The basic recipe for success inevitably includes …


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NewsMercedes-AMG GT Black Series Cranked up to 720 Horsepower
Mercedes-Benz has just introduced a more extreme and powerful version of the fearsome Mercedes-AMG GT sports coupe. Inspired by the GT3 race car, the new 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series takes performance, lightweight construction and aerodynamics to another level in order to blow drivers away on the track. This sixth …
Los AngelesAn Update for the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT
At the Los Angeles Auto Show , Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division presented its new and improved GT Coupe. Even if at first glance, it doesn’t seem to have received any significant changes. The GT gets new headlight clusters, a new rear bumper and new alloy wheel designs, but the major modifications …
NewsGreener than the Green Hell: Meet the Mercedes-AMG GT R
Last week, Mercedes-AMG revealed to the world an even sharper version of its GT supercar, because yes, the GT CLEARLY wasn’t fast enough as it was. The GT R is painted in a very eye-searing shade of green. First of all, let’s talk about the looks. One of the most …
NewsThis Spring, Manufacturers Are Unveiling... Bicycles?
Typically, the AMG and M names are associated with the highest echelon of German performance vehicles. AMG also has a long-time tradition of partnering with boat builders, but generally speaking, those prestigious badges are associated with 4-wheeled performance. However, with the sudden arrival of summer, it seems that both divisions …


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Motoring TV 2002 Episode 19
Mercedes AMG 2002 Freelander HSE visual inspection of tires 9X & 9-3X: Saab sees its future engine vibration could mean faulty ignition coil Jim Kenzie on raising the speed limit to 130KPH.
Video Reviews
Gabriel Gelinas Drives the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster
Make no mistake about it. The 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster is now the in-your-face “bad boy” in the Mercedes-Benz stable of roadsters. Next to it, the slightly more powerful AMG SL 63 looks like a cute kitten purring softly. Whereas the SL exudes class and sophistication, the GT C …
Motoring TV
REVIEW: Mercedes-Benz AMG Winter Sporting Program
It's called the AMG Winter Sporting Program, its a global program that is held in Sweden. Mercedes decided to bring it to Canada, Gimli Manitoba,where there is lots of ice. This is not a place you would normally be driving an AMG vehicle, and as Russ found out, that's the …
Motoring TV
Motoring TV: Sports Car of the Year for 2017
Motoring TV recently held it's 1 hour Car of the Year Special on the TSN network where we picked the best in class for 2017. Here are the nominees and winner in the Sports Car category. (This segment originally appeared on Motoring TV 2017 episode #6) …
Video Reviews
Test Drive: 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S
Most of the vehicles featured on Test Drive are selected based on what viewers want to see. Every now and then, however, Graeme Fletcher gets to choose what appears on the segment. And this is one of those now and then segments, featuring the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S. Built to …
Motoring TV
Motoring TV 2016 Money-No-Object Performance Car of the Year
"For most of us," says Brad Diamond, "our budget dictates what we're going to buy—for others, not-so." And with that, Motoring TV's Money-No-Object Performance Car of the Year for 2016. All three nominees—the BMW i8 , Mercedes-AMG GT and Porsche 911 Targa —are all great in their own rights, but …
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