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Nissan 370Z

Price $30,498 – $56,098
Fuel consumption 9.3 – 13.6 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 67%(view ratings)
Nissan’s Z car is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and a limited-edition variant of the 370Z is offered for 2020 with unique interior and exterior detailing. The base variant of the sports car offers great bang for the buck, with its 332-horsepower, 3.7-litre V6 and six-speed manual gearbox. The high-performance NISMO edition serves up sharper handling and more menacing looks, while the 370Z Roadster soldiers on as a more grand touring type of car.

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Pre-owned vehiclesPre-Owned Nissan Z: How Much Should You Pay?
As you might already know, a brand-new generation of the Nissan Z is hitting the market for model year 2023, featuring a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6 and a design inspired by its ancestors. But some people say that the substantial price increase is a problem. If a naturally aspirated V6 with …


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NewsAll-new Nissan Z Leaked Before Official Debut
Can’t wait to see the new Nissan Z in production form? You’re in luck today as fresh images have just leaked online. Similar to patent renderings published in January, these photos show very little change from the sensational Z Proto concept that Nissan presented four months earlier, which is excellent …
NewsFuture Nissan Z to be Near Carbon Copy of Z Proto
The reaction was huge when the Nissan Z Proto was unveiled last September. This car serves as a preview of the next-generation sports coupe currently known as 370Z . Well, great news: the production model will be virtually identical. Just look at these patent images uncovered and published by CarExpert …
NewsThe All-new Nissan Z is Going to be One Hell of a Car
It’s official now: Nissan will soon replace its desperately old 370Z with a brand new generation. On Tuesday night, the Japanese automaker unveiled the prototype of what will become the next Z. And folks, if the final result is even remotely similar to what we have here, it’s going to …
NewsBad News for Fans of the Nissan Z
A new Nissan Z is coming, that we know for sure based on an official teaser posted by the company in May. But with Nissan going through some serious financial troubles right now, the redesigned sports coupe is clearly not among its top priorities. According to British website Auto Express …
NewsFuture Nissan Z Teased in This Official Video
Did you know? A brand new generation of the Nissan Z is coming. Up until now, all we had were speculations and artist renderings, but now the Japanese automaker has posted a video announcing its future products and the redesigned sports coupe makes an appearance. While the images are dark …
NewsNext Nissan Z Coming With Twin-Turbo V6, 400 hp
A new generation of Nissan’s Z sports coupe is coming and chances are we’ll see it sometime in the next 12 months, which is great because the current 370Z dates back to 2009 and no longer catches the attention of performance enthusiasts. For a while, there were rumours that Nissan …


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