BMW i3

Price $44,950 – $54,990
Fuel consumption < 7.8 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 75%(view ratings)
While it proved ahead of its time when it debuted in 2014, the BMW i3 now has a really hard time standing out due to the emergence of more modern electric vehicles. The one constant with this little German hatchback has always been quirky styling. As for the powertrain, there’s a fairly small battery providing a range of 246 kilometres. If you think that’s not long enough, BMW offers a twin-cylinder engine that charges the battery on the go.

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First Drives2018 BMW i3s: The Technophile’s Sweetheart Gets Better
LISBON, Portugal – It was a fantastic idea to unveil the sporty and dynamic version of BMW’s electric compact in the Portuguese capital. A wonderful city, some 2000 years old, Lisbon has a hilly historic centre with winding interconnected alleys that are barely wider than a small car’s sideview mirrors.
Test Drives2015 BMW i3: Today’s Shape Of Tomorrow
Someday, electric cars will be offered in all shapes and sizes, and people who drive them likely won’t be trying to make a statement. However, if we’re behind the wheel an EV today, we’re probably sticking out like a sore thumb. We’ll definitely get noticed in the 2015 BMW i3, …
Blog2014’s Top 10 Game-Changing Cars
In 2014, we saw one new model after another. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to do justice to the topic in just one article. To keep it simple, I’ve selected one game-changing vehicle per category. These are not necessarily the best-in-class winners, but they’re the vehicles that set …
First Drives2014 BMW i3: Tomorrow's Sounds (Of Silence) Today
Electric cars have passed the tipping point between curiosity and genuine market force here in Canada, and perhaps no vehicle illustrates that point better than the 2014 BMW i3. Canada's relationship with battery-powered automobiles is an intricate one that takes into account our typically affordable electrical rates, our battery-killing cold …
Special EventsUnveiling of The i Brand at BMW Laval
On Tuesday, BMW Laval held a big event for the unveiling of the new BMW sub-brand, a range of electric vehicles named i. For the occasion, the dealership was completely re-arranged: two DJs, some of the most iconic BMW vehicles from throughout the years, bites for everyone, two bars (in …
Test Drives2015 BMW i3: Electric Wonder
BMW invited journalists to attend the i3 press drive event in Los Angeles one day prior to the opening of the L.A. Auto Show. I was excited to learn I’d be able to participate, never having driven an electric vehicle. The i3 - and quite frankly the entire i series …
First Drives2015 BMW i3: Reinventing the Wheel
Defend the modern automobile and fawn over certain cutting-edge gas-powered vehicles if you will, but in your heart you know that we need to change the way we view the future of transport. The hybrid car was a first step toward reducing our reliance on gas, while the electric car …
Spotlight onSpotlight on the 2014 BMW i3: Testing it This Week
This week, we’re getting our first chance to test drive the 2014 BMW i3, the brand’s small, 100% electric, urban car. It’s the first in the Bavarian automaker’s electric line – called “i” – which will eventually include more models. With a bold and ultra-modern design, the 2014 BMW i3 …


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ElectricBMW i3 Quietly Exits North American Showrooms
We’ve known since September 2019 that the BMW i3 ’s days were numbered. The car was originally introduced as a 2014 model, and now we’ve just learned that production for the North American market will end in July. A little more than 150 build slots are still available. Dealers will …
ElectricConfirmed: BMW i3’s Days are Numbered
The BMW i3 electric hatchback is no longer part of the German automaker’s plans, meaning the model will retire when this generation—the first and only—will come to an end. And there will be no more updates, as well. The news was confirmed to the Financial Times by Pieter Nota, BMW’s …
NewsThe 2019 BMW i3 Will Boast Greater Range
BMW’s fully electric car will once again benefit from a bigger-capacity battery, which will boost its driving range by about 30%, according to the manufacturer. Thanks to its 42.2-kWh battery pack, the i3 should be able to boast a maximum driving range estimated at 246 kilometres, compared to the 2018 …
Geneva2017 World Car Awards: Top Three Finalists Revealed
At the Geneva Auto Show last week, the top three finalists in each of six distinct World Car Awards categories were announced. In terms of media reach, the World Car Awards have been ranked as the number one automotive awards program in the world, and its jury consists of 75 …
News2017 World Car Awards: Finalists Announced
For the fourth year in a row, in terms of media reach, the World Car Awards have been ranked as the number one automotive awards program in world. Its jury of 75 automotive journalists spread across the planet, including two from Canada, have chosen the finalists in six different categories.
ElectricBMW Gets Sued Over its i3
The United States is likely the leading country for the number of lawsuits per citizen. We frequently hear stories about their inhabitants suing large corporations for astonishing amounts... and frivolous reasons. The latest one is quite amusing: it opposes Edo Tsoar (and his lawyer) against BMW North America. Why? It …
NewsBMW ups i3 battery capacity to 33 kWh for 2017 model year
A new version of the BMW i3 compact electric car will feature a 50 per cent larger battery capacity than the current car. Available for the 2017 model year, the BMW i3 (94 Ah) boasts 33 kilowatt hours of total battery capacity, compared to 18.8 kWh in the current i3.
GenevaRinspeed Budii: A Friend That Drives Itself
Rinspeed has been rolling out eccentric concepts for quite a while now. From its amphibious Lotus to a stretchable Mercedes-Benz to an autonomous Tesla to the Splash (a roadster that could transform into a hydrofoil), each one of its creations is crazier than the last one. In preparation for the …


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Test Drive: 2016 BMW i3
"Electric cars are a hot commodity right now," says Graeme Fletcher, "and it's all about sustainable mobility." BMW's answer is its i brand. And while the i8 is the German automaker's interpretation of the future of performance, the 2016 BMW i3 is its take on the future of commuting. Powered …
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Motoring TV 2016 Green Car of the Year
"The need to clean up our environmental act is pressing," says Graeme Fletcher. "With that in mind, let&#39;s take a look at the nominees for best new green car." Indeed, there are plenty of new vehicles that qualify for Motoring TV&#39;s Green Car of the Year award, but three in …
2014 BMW i3 Overview
Watch the all-new BMW i3 in Andesit Silver. The 2014 i3 is available in Ionic Silver, Arravani Grey, Solar Orange, Laurus Grey, Capparis White as well as Andesit Silver.
BMW i3 Teaser Trailer
In the BMW i3 the first series-produced model by BMW i, zero-emission mobility in a premium car package - proves to be a recipe for pure driving pleasure. The first BMW Group model running on electric power alone offers customers totally new and groundbreaking ways to experience driving pleasure, sustainability …