Classic Cars

NewsFossmobile, Canada’s First Gas-Powered Car, Reborn After 125 Years
Canada's first successful internal combustion, gasoline engine automobile, the Fossmobile created by Sherbrooke, Quebec-based mechanic and bicycle repairman George Foote Foss in 1897, turns 125 this year. A meticulously developed replica built by his grandson, Ron Foss, was unveiled on Wednesday night in Burlington, Ontario. Never heard of the Fossmobile?
Classic CarsMini Shorty: When the Classic Mini Isn’t Mini Enough
Ever heard of the Mini Shorty? This model does not officially exist. Rather, it’s the nickname given to the original Morris Mini by fans who deem it too big and wanted to do something about it. The result is almost cartoon-like, as evidenced by some of the examples that are …
Classic CarsWatch: An Intimate Look Into RM Sotheby's Private Garage
Want to take a break from pandemic-related boredom? In case you’d like to watch something other than yet another Christmas movie, how about a 10-minute virtual tour of one of the most impressive vintage car collections in the world? Recently, the team at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles was …
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