Classic Cars

NewsHEMI-Powered 1986 Grand Wagoneer Sells for $147,000 in Mississauga
A 1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer just sold for $115,000 US on the Bring a Trailer virtual auction site. Converted to Canadian dollars, this amount represents $147,074. It is important to note that this Grand Wagoneer is not just an old Grand Wagoneer. It has been fully restored, on top of …
Classic CarsTraps to Avoid When Buying a Vintage Car
Owning an old, classic car is a dream for many car enthusiasts. However, that dream can sometimes disappoint, or even become a nightmare if you fall into some of the traps waiting for you before or after the purchase. A thick book could be written on the subject (you can …
NewsFossmobile, Canada’s First Gas-Powered Car, Reborn After 125 Years
Canada's first successful internal combustion, gasoline engine automobile, the Fossmobile created by Sherbrooke, Quebec-based mechanic and bicycle repairman George Foote Foss in 1897, turns 125 this year. A meticulously developed replica built by his grandson, Ron Foss, was unveiled on Wednesday night in Burlington, Ontario. Never heard of the Fossmobile?
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