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Ford Mustang

Price $26,398 – $63,788
Fuel consumption 7.6 – 16.9 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 77%(view ratings)
This legendary sport coupe is even better in 2016 with the arrival of the Shelby GT350 and GT350R, which are sportier and more dynamic versions of the regular Mustang. Since hitting the market last year, the Mustang has made its way around the world and stands out from the older versions with an independent rear suspension, a first in the history of this model. Moreover, the stylists preserved this icon's characteristic silhouette.

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Test Drives2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse: Track-Ready Thoroughbred
Sport utility vehicles are being launched one after the other these days, and your servants at The Car Guide make sure to cover them assiduously to give you the lowdown on these increasingly popular vehicles. That said, the arrival of a V8-powered sports car paired with a manual gearbox awakens …
Test Drives2024 Ford Mustang: More Entertaining, More Predictable
The idea behind the Pony Car may not have originated with the Ford Mustang - the Plymouth Barracuda historically came first - but it was the former that gave rise to the name. One could also argue for a long time that the Mustang has gained such proportions and performance …


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NewsFord Mustang GT California Special Returns to Cure Winter Blues
How’s this for good news on a dark November day. One week before its official debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Ford today announced the return of the California Special package for the 2024 Mustang . A new signature colour called Rave Blue accentuates a number of details on …
SEMANew Supercharger Kit Cranks Ford Mustang GT Up to 800+ Horsepower
Ford seems to be obsessed with taking its pony car to 800 horsepower and beyond. First, there was the 2025 Mustang GTD unveiled in August. Now, with the SEMA Show in Las Vegas kicking off today, the automaker is announcing a new supercharger kit that cranks the new Mustang GT …
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NewsSaleen Releases Picture and Specs of 2024 Saleen Mustang
Once a predominant name of the industry – especially when it came to Mustangs -, Saleen seems to be lurking in the shadows after a series of scandals and failed ventures. The latest fiasco involving the automaker was a venture in China based on a partnership between Steve Saleen and …
RacingFord Mustang Cobra Jet Cranked Up to 1,800 Electric Horsepower
Ford continues to amaze by taking the legendary Mustang to new heights. This time we’re talking about the Cobra Jet model designed for drag racing. Remember the fully electric Cobra Jet 1400 that was introduced in 2020? The same car that completed the quarter-mile in an unprecedented 8.128 seconds at …
NewsNew 2024 Mustang Turned Into 1,300-Horsepower Formula Drift Car
Unveiled last September and set to go on sale this summer, the seventh-generation 2024 Ford Mustang will offer a wild Dark Horse model including a pair of track-only variants called Dark Horse S and Dark Horse R, the latter designed as a fully homologated race car. Taking the new Mustang …


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Test Drive: 2015 Ford Mustang
The Ford Mustang has always been an iconic car, but the folks at the Blue Oval knew they had to do something special with the 50th anniversary upon us. Consider this, the sixth generation of the original pony car, that something special. From its new—and much needed—independent rear suspension to …
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Review: 2015 Ford Mustang
You’ve heard it a hundred times before: “This (fill in the blank) is the best one to date.” It’s the go-to jargon automakers use to hype up the latest iteration of a long-running model, and usually it’s debatable. After spending time with the 2015 Ford Mustang, however, Brad Diamond may …