Quebec Makes History With World’s Longest Convoy of Ford Mustangs

Ford Mustang drivers from all over Quebec as well as other Canadian provinces, the U.S. and even France joined forces on Sunday for the longest Mustang convoy of all time—a unique way to mark the iconic pony car’s 60th anniversary.

Around 2,100 people had registered for the record-breaking event. They were officially 1,889 to cruise down Highway 40 from Trois-Rivières to Quebec City, where all of them and many more gathered to celebrate.

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

The previous record of 1,326 Mustangs was set five years ago in Lommel, Belgium with the support of Ford d’Europe.

This time, Mustang enthusiasts from Quebec took matters into their own hands. Planning began over a year ago, led by Sylvie Provencher, president of Rive-Nord Mustang Club, and Alain Cayuela, honorary member of the Montreal Mustang Club 1994.

Participants were asked to prepare for the start of the parade as early as 2 AM on Sunday, meaning a lot of folks didn’t sleep at all. They left Trois-Rivières at around 6 AM.

From parking all those Mustangs to securing the nearly 40-km-long convoy, logistics proved to be a colossal challenge, as you can imagine, but the event turned out to be a success. The first cars arrived in Quebec City just before 9 AM and the last ones showed up around noon.

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

The convoy included Mustang coupes and convertibles from all seven generations, finished in all kinds of factory and custom body colours. A large number had been restored or modified to some extent. Don’t miss our photo gallery at the top of the page.

One of our favourite cars on hand was a Mustang Shelby GT350 that looked an awful lot like the one legendary driver Ken Miles used to own—the same that sold for the equivalent of $5.2 million in 2020.

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

A similar event is scheduled to take place in Myrtle Beach, Virginia on September 5 as part of Mustang Week, though Provencher is confident today’s record will stand. “Good luck to them,” she says.

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