Cadillac May Not Go All-Electric in 2030, After All

Cadillac, which had planned to become an EV-only brand by 2030, will possibly continue to sell ICE-powered vehicles in the next decade.  

That seems to be what Cadillac boss John Roth hinted at during a media roundtable to talk about the upcoming Optiq crossover, adding that gas and electric models “will coexist for a number of years.”

To be clear, Cadillac still aims to launch EVs covering most market segments. However, the transition to an all-electric lineup might be slower than initially anticipated. Instead of forcing EVs down the throat of consumers, the company will let demand “be our guide,” Roth said.

According to him, having the luxury of choice in Cadillac’s portfolio is a competitive strength.

Photo: Cadillac

Well, tell that to dealers. More than one-third of Cadillac dealers in the U.S. have accepted buyout offers since 2021 because they didn’t want to invest in chargers and other equipment required to sell and service EVs.

In addition to the Lyriq midsize crossover, Celestiq ultra-luxury sedan and Escalade IQ full-size SUV, Cadillac’s EV lineup will soon expand with the addition of the aforementioned Optiq, a compact crossover, and the Vistiq, a three-row midsize SUV.

Could plug-in hybrids be part of the equation? We shall see. Long after discontinuing the Chevrolet Volt, GM wants to give PHEVs another shot in order to facilitate the move to an EV-only portfolio by 2035. The automaker has yet to specify which models will get the PHEV treatment.

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