Cadillac Vistiq Announced as Luxury Brand’s Fifth EV

Cadillac promised to show three new electric vehicles over the course of 2023 and this is the third and final one. Hot on the heels of the full-size Escalade IQ and compact Optiq, meet the Vistiq three-row midsize SUV.

Unlike the other two, it will go on sale as a 2026 model rather than a 2025.

Positioned above the Lyriq, the new Cadillac Vistiq has roughly the same size and shape as the current XT6. The days of the latter are numbered, in case that wasn’t already clear. We’re talking about the least popular of the four conventionally powered Cadillac SUVs, and the brand is committed to becoming all-electric by 2030. 

Photo: General Motors

Unfortunately, all we have for now is a couple of pictures. The front end of the Vistiq looks very much like that of the Lyriq including the grille panel and lighting signature. Meanwhile, the rear end is more upright but still borrows a few design cues from the smaller EV.

Cadillac hasn’t shared any specs yet, but we can nevertheless identify the powertrain using the model pictured here. The “E4” badge on the liftgate refers to an electric AWD system, while the “600” right next to it (a torque rating expressed in Newton-meters) is also found on the dual-motor Lyriq, which generates 500 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque.

Photo: General Motors

Logically, the Ultium battery under the floor should be the same, with a capacity of 102 kWh. Therefore, expect a range of about 500 km, although the Vistiq is most certainly a bit heavier than the Lyriq. A single-motor variant with RWD could be offered, as well.

“Vistiq adds another compelling EV to the Cadillac lineup, reinforcing our commitment to an electric future,” said John Roth, global vice president of Cadillac. “Our brand now has an EV entry in most luxury segments [Editor’s note: Don’t forget about the Celestiq ultra-luxury sedan], offering customers a range of choices, and Cadillac EVs will cover most luxury SUV segments across critical global markets in the next two years." 

An official reveal will take place in 2024. We’ll know more about styling, technology, content and specs at that time. Keep following The Car Guide for more information about the 2026 Vistiq and other Cadillac products.

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