2025 Cadillac Optiq is Luxurious, Electric and Possibly a Bargain

Detroit, Michigan—In order to drive mass EV adoption, the auto industry is going to have to come up with more affordable solutions for customers. That’s no doubt what Cadillac management thought when they greenlit the all-new Optiq, a compact crossover that will serve as the gateway to the luxury brand’s electric portfolio.

Earlier in May, Cadillac invited a few members of the automotive press to the Motor City to take a closer look at the Optiq. Sadly, the media event didn’t include any test drive—that will come at another time later this year. Production is scheduled to start before 2024 is over, with the first units reaching dealerships early in 2025.

Photo: Vincent Aubé

Not So Compact

The new 2025 Cadillac Optiq is barely smaller than the midsized Lyriq (the wheelbase is about 6 inches or 15 centimetres shorter) and boasts a wagon-like profile. The front fascia, sporting a fake grille with an illuminated signature, is reminiscent of the Lyriq’s, just not as massive. The vertical daytime running lights that extend into the lower bumper are unique to this model. What’s more, the six lug nuts on each wheel confirm that we’re dealing with GM’s Ultium platform. 

The side windows are sandwiched between the low, swooping roof line and the rising beltline, the latter emphasizing the muscular rear fenders. Interestingly, the rear quarter windows are decorated with a multi-line pattern that flows into the upper taillights. Some people will like it, while others won’t. If you think visibility is compromised during shoulder checks, we’re happy to report that it’s not.

Photo: Vincent Aubé

As for the rear section, well, the Optiq is pretty classic any way you look at it. We’re really curious to see how shoppers will respond to this new entry-level EV.

Yet Another Ultium Variation

Now, let’s focus on that Ultium platform we alluded to earlier. The 2025 Cadillac Optiq features a dual-motor system that generates 300 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque, besting the Chevrolet Blazer EV eAWD’s 288 horsepower and 333 lb-ft. Energy is supplied by an 89kWh battery, and drivers can expect to travel up to 482 km with a full charge, Cadillac claims. Ten minutes of DC charging (150 kW) will give you back 112 km of range.

Photo: Vincent Aubé

Unsurprisingly, the Optiq comes with regenerative braking, the level of which can be adjusted via a paddle of the steering wheel. One-pedal driving is possible, which is a good thing to know if you’re spending a lot of time around town. On top of all that, there are four different drive modes to choose from including Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice and My Mode. The last one allows drivers to customize the various settings separately.

Techy Interior

An increasingly common theme inside modern luxury vehicles is digitalization of the dashboard. Cadillac is certainly no exception. Have you seen the giant screens in the Lyriq or Escalade IQ? The Optiq features a 33-inch-diagonal curved display with Google built-in, meaning occupants enjoy access to the Google Assistant, Google Maps and more apps via Google Play without even syncing their phone. 

Photo: Vincent Aubé

Another technology offered as standard is Super Cruise hands-free driving. Well, that’s not entirely true—a subscription is required. Meanwhile, music lovers will be pleased to learn that the Optiq gets a 19-speaker premium audio system from AKG. Cargo space is very generous thanks to the long body, and the same can be said about passenger room in the second row.

Will the Optiq endure as Cadillac’s cheapest EV offering, or will an even smaller and more affordable model follow at some point? We believe things will stay the way they are now. Remember, if you’re not ready to pay for the new Optiq, Chevrolet will happily sell you an Equinox EV. Or you might want to keep waiting until the next-generation Bolt EV comes around in 2026.

As mentioned up top, we’ll get an opportunity to test drive the 2025 Cadillac Optiq and learn more about it—including pricing details—before the end of 2024, so don’t miss our review.

Watch: Cadillac Introduces the New 2025 Escalade IQ

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