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Pre-owned vehiclesRanking: Top 20 Most Durable Vehicles
Good initial quality and a high level of reliability are two elements that are common in the most durable vehicles on the market. But don’t forget that a vehicle can only last if it’s maintained properly! The American research firm iSeeCars has recently published a new annual ranking of models …
Test Drives2019 Toyota Avalon: Feeling Younger Than Ever4.0/5
Long considered a dull, yet spacious and indestructible large sedan, the Avalon sure has changed. The previous generation was admittedly a little sharper and contemporary than before, but this newly redesigned Avalon seems to have shed its tweed slacks and suspenders for an Adidas training suit. What happened? Well, Toyota …
Mechanical2016 Toyota Avalon: Simple and Engineered for Quietness
Oh, the Toyota Avalon! What is there to say about this car, other than it’s supremely comfortable and almost devoid of personality? That said, comfort is a pretty big deciding factor for a lot of folks shopping for a car. And comfort goes hand and hand with a quiet ride.
First Drives2016 Toyota Avalon: Long Quiet River3.5/5
In the old days, when we wanted a truly comfortable vehicle that didn’t wear a flashy badge, there were plenty of models to choose from: from big Oldsmobiles to Lincolns and Chryslers, it was easy to get behind the wheel of a cozy land yacht. However, today this type of …
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