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Ranking: Top 20 Most Durable Vehicles

Good initial quality and a high level of reliability are two elements that are common in the most durable vehicles on the market. But don’t forget that a vehicle can only last if it’s maintained properly!

The American research firm iSeeCars has recently published a new annual ranking of models with the longest life cycles. To do so, they’ve analysed over two million vehicles manufactured and sold over the last 20 years.  

Their top 20 consists entirely of models with at least 2.5% of examples on the road reaching 200,000 miles (320 000 km). Here’s what it looks like:



Potential Service Life


Toyota Sequoia

477,184 km


Toyota Land Cruiser

450,996 km


Chevrolet Suburban

430,872 km


Toyota Tundra

412,027 km


GMC Yukon XL

406,134 km


Toyota Prius

403,303 km


Chevrolet Tahoe

402,880 km


Honda Ridgeline

400,193 km


Toyota Avalon

395,431 km


Toyota Highlander

394,279 km


Ford Expedition

393,777 km


Toyota 4Runner

393,750 km


Toyota Sienna

385,610 km


GMC Yukon

384,562 km


Honda Pilot

381,103 km


Honda Odyssey

379,567 km


Toyota Tacoma

378,308 km


Nissan Titan

375,451 km


Ford F-150

374,413 km


Toyota Camry

371,029 km

What we see here is a list of very durable vehicles that can be driven several hundred thousand kilometres with adequate maintenance. “Just to be clear, the study is not about the maximum lifespan of vehicles, but rather about the mileage reached by those that are still on the road. Most of them will remain serviceable for a few more years”, says iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer.

Like in the previous rankings, you’ll notice a strong presence of Toyota models and large American SUVs. Environmentally speaking, their high durability helps compensate for their generally higher fuel consumption.  

In two of the 20 models (Highlander, Camry), the spotlight is on their hybrid version. As for the Prius, it’s exclusively hybrid. Over such a long service life, many litres of gasoline have been saved.  

Finally, even though the American manufacturers dominate the pickup sales, we can see that their Japanese rivals Toyota, Honda and Nissan are the ones who make the most durable vehicles out there.

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