Toyota Avalon

Price $43,350 – $49,050
Fuel consumption 7.0 – 10.9 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 74%(view ratings)
For 2021, the Avalon Limited gets a new four-cylinder engine that produces 201 horsepower, plus the same all-wheel drive system found in the Camry. A heated steering wheel comes standard and Android Auto connectivity has just been added to the mix. New body colours and new interior trim options are available. Whatever the engine under the hood, the Avalon uses an eight-speed automatic transmission—even the 301-horsepower V6 in XSE trim.

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Test Drives2019 Toyota Avalon: Feeling Younger Than Ever
Long considered a dull, yet spacious and indestructible large sedan, the Avalon sure has changed. The previous generation was admittedly a little sharper and contemporary than before, but this newly redesigned Avalon seems to have shed its tweed slacks and suspenders for an Adidas training suit. What happened? Well, Toyota …
Test Drives2019 Toyota Avalon: Not Letting Go Without a Fight
For 2019, Toyota’s full-size sedan gets a redo. A major redo. There’s even a sporty version called the XSE. And the car is very, very good. So good in fact, that it walked away with a Best Buy award for the full-size sedan segment here at The Car Guide .
Mechanical2016 Toyota Avalon: Simple and Engineered for Quietness
Oh, the Toyota Avalon! What is there to say about this car, other than it’s supremely comfortable and almost devoid of personality? That said, comfort is a pretty big deciding factor for a lot of folks shopping for a car. And comfort goes hand and hand with a quiet ride.
First Drives2016 Toyota Avalon: Long Quiet River
In the old days, when we wanted a truly comfortable vehicle that didn’t wear a flashy badge, there were plenty of models to choose from: from big Oldsmobiles to Lincolns and Chryslers, it was easy to get behind the wheel of a cozy land yacht. However, today this type of …


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NewsThe Car Guide's Best Buys for 2021: Lexus ES/Toyota Avalon
Every year, The Car Guide unveils a list of Best Buys covering all the different vehicle categories in the industry. Large sedans have become somewhat of a strange breed. Competitors like the Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300, Volkswagen Arteon and Kia Stinger are now fighting for attention from the same customers.
NewsToyota Camry and Avalon are Both Getting AWD
As winter takes over in most of Canada, Toyota has great news for drivers: the popular Camry and the larger Avalon will soon add an all-wheel drive option. Unfortunately, the Camry AWD will not go on sale before early spring (as a 2020 model), when pretty much all the snow …
NewsThe Car Guide’s 2019 Best Buys: Toyota Avalon
In order to help consumers during their new-vehicle shopping process, The Car Guide’s team of journalists publishes each year its Best Buys in a wide range of car and truck segments. In the full-size sedan category, it’s the Toyota Avalon that grabbed the Best Buy title for 2019. Fresh of …
Detroit2019 Toyota Avalon: a Small Revolution in the History of Evolution
In Canada, the Toyota Avalon is a drop of water in the automotive ocean, but in the United States, it’s much more than that. That’s why Toyota is unsurprisingly continuing to fine-tune its full-size sedan. At the Detroit Auto Show , the Japanese brand has just unveiled its fifth-generation Avalon.
DetroitA Sportier 2019 Toyota Avalon on the Way?
After redesigning the 2018 Toyota Camry and giving its sportier variants a polarising look, the Japanese manufacturer will unveil a reskinned 2019 Toyota Avalon full-size sedan at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. The only image published so far offers a close-up glimpse of the car’s front fascia. LED lighting in …
NewsToyota Avalon Touring Sport: Celebrating Its 20th Birthday In Style
There are a lot of ways to celebrate two decades of existence on Earth. In the automotive world, cars that have a chance to turn 20 years-old typically get a special-edition run. The Toyota Avalon is no exception to this rule: since production started in 1994, the Japanese automaker decided …
RecallsToyotas Recalled Over Spider-Related Issue
Toyota is recalling over 870,000 vehicles due to concerns that under the right conditions, airbags could be unintentionally deployed. In some cases, spider webs in the air conditioning condenser drainage tube can create a blockage, causing water to spill onto an airbag control module. Water on the circuit boards would …


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Motoring TV 2005 Episode 17
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2013 Toyota Avalon Overview
For 2013, Toyota has dramatically altered the chemistry of Avalon's formula, creating a new potent and persuasive sedan that helps shift the product's generational appeal while symbolizing Toyota's exciting new design and product direction for future sedans.