Mathieu St-Pierre

Matt picked up his first press car in December of 1998—a beautiful brand new 1999 Mazda Protegé LX. He was promptly rear-ended by a beige Corolla (true story). He immediately accepted the challenge of informing car buyers the world over that there are alternatives to the Corolla. At over 40 million sold so far, it’s clear that he has failed in his endeavour.

Be that as it may, Matt has worked for the Automobile Protection Association (APA) and contributed to Protegez-Vous’ annual car guide, joined in 2004, moved on to for a brief period of time only to be recalled to

Today, he contributes to LC Media,, and other outlets. He’s a standing member of both the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada and International Motor Press Association (IMPA) and manages a fleet of six cars with a total value inferior to that of the damaged Corolla.

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