• Alain Morin
    Alain Morin has been a full-time journalist for nearly 10 years. His career started in 1997, when Alain began volunteering for the Le Tacot, the magazine of the Granby Classic Car Club. He then went on to contribute to the Quebec Classic Car Club's Auto Ancienne magazine, as well as …
  • Gabriel Gélinas
    An automobile writer since 1991, Gabriel Gélinas found journalism by way of auto racing. He was a driver before becoming the head instructor at the Jim Russell driving school at the Mont Tremblant Circuit. There, he developed several advanced driving programs for various automobile manufacturers. As a journalist, Gabriel is …
  • Marc Lachapelle
    An automobile journalist with more than 30 years of experience, Marc Lachapelle joined The Car Guide after cutting his teeth as a motorcycle journalist and photographer. He spent years as the automobile columnist for Affaires Plus magazine and Les Affaires daily newspaper. In 2000, he became editor in chief of …
  • Sylvain Raymond
    Obsessed and inspired by all things engine-powered ever since he was a young boy, Sylvain Raymond started his career as an automobile journalist in 2002, when he was brought in to manage, one of Canada's leading automotive websites for generalists. He holds a degree in Business Administration and has …
  • Michel Deslauriers
    A full-time automotive journalist since 2004, Michel Deslauriers spent several years working for the portal, we he notably occupied the role of Editor-in-chief. He then moved over to TC Media where he collaborated to the launch of, before joining the team at The Car Guide in 2015. His …
  • Mathieu St-Pierre
    Matt picked up his first press car in December of 1998—a beautiful brand new 1999 Mazda Protegé LX. He was promptly rear-ended by a beige Corolla (true story). He immediately accepted the challenge of informing car buyers the world over that there are alternatives to the Corolla. At over 40 …
  • Brad Diamond
    Brad has more than 35 years of experience working in radio and television. He founded Bradford Productions in 1984 and has produced numerous award-winning programs, including 30 seasons of Motoring TV.
  • Graeme Fletcher
    Graeme is Motoring TV’s chief crash test dummy. A licenced mechanic for 20 years, there are few people who understand a vehicle’s mechanics and performance as well as Graeme. In addition to his work on Motoring TV, Graeme is a regular contributor to the National Post and the Postmedia Network.
  • Russ Bond
    Armed with a heavy foot, as is evidenced in nearly every Two-Minute Test Drive segment, Russ is Motoring TV’s prime consumer of fossil fuel. This typically slants his view more to the automotive enthusiast than anyone else, but at least he’s honest about it.
  • Jim Kenzie
    In addition to being the resident curmudgeon on Kenzie’s Korner, Jim is without a doubt Canada’s most respected automotive journalist. Jim is chief auto reviewer for the Toronto Star‘s Wheels section, as well as a freelance contributor to a number of other automotive publications.
  • Howard Elmer
    Howard is an award-winning freelance automotive journalist with experience operating heavy trucks, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and even military assets. He is a past director of the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, and a member of the Truck Writers of North America, and Automotive Journalists Association of Canada.
  • Bill Gardiner
    He’s the doctor of cars, a down-to-earth guy and an honest mechanic. Judging by the emails received each week, it’s safe to say Bill could be the most popular mechanic in the country.