Antoine Joubert

Antoine was a motor vehicle enthusiast long before he could even say the word “car.” In fact, his first utterings were probably the rumblings of an engine. By the age of four, he knew the logos for different vehicle makes and by the time he was six, he could tell what type of car was driving past based on its sound. Buying toys for the young lad was easy enough—all he wanted were Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Majorette model cars so that he could modify them, paint them and race them!

His passion for automobiles is long-standing and has never wavered. Like many car buffs, he grew up reading the Guide de l’auto (and he still owns all the old copies) but he has since broadened his library to several other publications. Antoine has been an automobile journalist for nearly 20 years and through his work he shares his vast knowledge and uncensored opinions.

As a multidisciplinary communicator, Antoine can be seen on TV, heard on the radio, read online or followed on social media. But whatever you do, don’t ask him about what his dream car would be. This is a man who could never settle for a single car!

Most recent articles

Test Drives2023 Acura Integra: Controversial Comeback3.5/5
Acura ’s new compact car would have been a fantastic surprise if it had launched under any other name. The big wigs thought it was a good idea to revive the Integra because of all the fond memories that are associated with this iconic model, but they made two mistakes …
Test Drives2022 GMC Sierra AT4X: The Best of Both Worlds?4.0/5
Yeah, don’t bother telling me: a pickup truck that achieves 15-16 L/100 km is not the best of both worlds, especially with gas prices these days. I know that. But you see, GMC has decided to push the AT4 lineup a little bit further given the strong demand by customers.
Test Drives2022 Audi S3: The Consolation Prize4.0/5
A few months ago, The Car Guide was invited to test drive the mighty new Audi RS 3 in Europe. We were led to believe that the car would be offered in Canada this year, but the company changed its mind at the last minute. If you want one, you’ll …
First Drives2023 Mazda CX-50: Mazda's Answer to the Outback4.0/5
Mazda has been very successful in Canada for a long time, but the same cannot be said for the U.S. Long considered marginal, the brand's vehicles have not always pleased the average American buyer. In order to fix that, and also to improve its product offer in the compact SUV …
Test Drives2022 Volvo C40 Recharge: Seriously Attractive, But Expensive4.0/5
An electric vehicle’s success largely depends on range and affordability, more specifically a reasonable price and available incentives. Starting at $72,600, the new 2022 Volvo C40 Recharge is quite expensive and doesn’t qualify for any rebates, be it at the federal or provincial level. The similarly powered Volvo XC40 Recharge …
Test Drives2022 Jeep Compass: Indecent Proposal2.5/5
Despite SUVs being extremely popular, Jeep has a tough time selling its smaller models including the Cherokee , Renegade and Compass . The last one didn’t even manage to top 6,000 units sold in Canada last year. The company introduced a new generation for 2017, and now comes a mid-cycle …
Test Drives2021 Nissan Kicks: Winning Formula4.0/5
The Nissan Kicks is labelled and advertised as an SUV, with the company emphasizing its “truck-like” attributes, but in reality it’s nothing more than a new-look Versa hatchback with a taller profile. It has what many people want in a city car—cheap price, small size, good manoeuverability and high fuel …