Eighth-generation VW Golf Goes Full Zebra Before its Big Debut

The world premiere of the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will take place this fall and the automaker today released a picture that should whet the appetite of fans of the popular compact car.

The black and white camouflage may look more like a fat zebra on four wheels than an actual car, but we can still appreciate the design of the new Golf. Unsurprisingly, the evolution is subtle, so the focus will be on the finer details, like the lower front grille and more angular headlights, as well as the slightly rounded rear end.

Calling it a “genuine eye-catcher” and an era-shaping automobile, Volkswagen says the Golf will impress with a highly digitalized and connected interior. Expect a wide touchscreen and very few physical buttons, assisted driving and online-based functions and services.

Some form of electrification under the hood is coming, too, though details remain scarce. The final phase of testing is under way.

So, when will we see the real thing for the first time? We’re anticipating a standalone event in October, since Volkswagen will reserve next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show for the all-electric ID.3 and the base Golf’s uncertain future in the U.S. makes the Los Angeles Auto Show an unlikely venue.

Back in May, Volkswagen Canada’s head of communications and public relations, Thomas Tetzlaff, told us the Golf would continue to be part of the Canadian portfolio. It was the brand’s best-selling product like year, just ahead of the Tiguan.

The Golf SportWagen and Alltrack models will not return, however, making room for a small crossover called Tarek.

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