This Stranded Corvette is Your Reminder Not to Fool Around in a Snowstorm

Unless you’re swamped with work or in the midst of a Netflix marathon, you’ve probably heard that a major storm is sweeping across the country. Environment Canada has issued weather watches and warnings that stretch from Ontario to the Atlantic Coast.

The timing couldn’t be worse, of course, just ahead of one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. We at The Car Guide understand that you’re excited to go celebrate Christmas with friends and relatives, but we would like to remind everyone to be extremely cautious on the road, or better yet stay home if the conditions are too difficult or dangerous.

That’s exactly the kind of advice a Chevrolet Corvette owner in Montana should have followed during a recent storm that left several inches of snow on the ground—far more than the car’s precious ground clearance could handle.

Photo: r/Autos

The driver inevitably got stuck, despite seemingly having raised the suspension using the onboard lift system, and chose to abandon their Corvette for an extended period of time. According to the reddit post, the car reportedly had just left the dealer lot.

For sure, the Corvette is the worst Chevy vehicle to take on a winter storm (we’d argue the Silverado ZR2 is the best one). If GM does go ahead and launch a Corvette sub-brand that would include an electric SUV, things could be different. We also think the upcoming AWD-equipped Corvette E-Ray hybrid will have an easier time in the snow, as evidenced by the video below: 

Keep following The Car Guide for more details about the Corvette and other Chevrolet models. Happy Holidays!

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