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Special Events2022 Chevrolet Camaro SS: Big-Time Fun on the Track
The Chevrolet Camaro is definitely not the easiest car to live with. Killer looks are one thing, but visibility is simply atrocious. At least when you’re talking about the coupe. The Camaro Convertible obviously doesn’t have this problem. It’s an entirely different story as far as performance and dynamic driving …
Pre-owned vehicles5 Vehicles With Poor Rear Visibility
All vehicles are not created equal when it comes to visibility, and Subaru is envied by its peers for being the best in this area. Unfortunately, some automakers choose to favour aesthetics over more practical considerations, going against a basic design principle stating that form must follow function. The size, …


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NewsAll-New Chevy Montana Debuts in Brazil, Still Not Good Enough for Canada
With demand for the Ford Maverick being so strong and the Hyundai Santa Cruz providing a sporty alternative, will other manufacturers come up with their own small pickup in the foreseeable future? That seems pretty unlikely. Ram hasn’t even brought back a midsize model yet, while GM is focusing on …
ElectricThese Are the 10 Most Anticipated Electric Pickups
Electric cars are nice, but what about pickups? These machines are all over the place, and it’s about time they get the battery treatment, too. Several automakers are actively working on fully electric trucks. Heck, a pair of models have already hit the road in Canada as we write these …
NewsThese 5-Year-Old Vehicles Retain the Most Value in 2022
U.S. research firm offers an updated look at the used-car market amid rising prices resulting from supply chain and production distruption across the auto industry. An analysis of vehicle depreciation based on over 3 million transactions reveals that cars retain more value than they have in recent memory and …
New Models2024 Chevrolet Trax is Completely Transformed, Goes FWD-Only
Following a one-year hiatus (there is no 2023 model), the Chevrolet Trax will return for 2024 with a second generation that’s completely transformed and much more likely to attract today’s young drivers with a focus on style and technology. The Trax will resume its position as Chevy’s entry-level crossover below …


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