Forget the Tesla Model S Plaid+, Elon Musk Says

Earlier this year, Tesla announced a major update to the Model S sedan and Model X crossover including the addition of two high-performance variants called Plaid and Plaid+.

In the company’s latest twist, the Plaid+ has been nixed already. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the news via Twitter on Sunday.

Photo: Tesla

Each of these models featured a tri-motor setup and over 1,000 horsepower. The Model S Plaid can achieve 0-100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, the quarter-mile in 9.23 seconds (a record for production vehicles not named Rimac Nevera) and a top speed of 322 km/h. It also offers an estimated range of 628 kilometres.

A hair quicker from a standstill, the Plaid+ promised a range of more than 835 kilometres. It was due to arrive in mid-2022 at just under $200,000 CAD, but it’s no longer possible to pre-order a unit on Tesla’s website.

As for the Model S Plaid (MSRP from $159,990 CAD), following production delays caused by some last-minute adjustments, deliveries in the U.S. will begin this week. Canadian customers will have to wait at least until August or September according to the online configurator.

Photo: Tesla

For ultimate performance, don’t forget that the Tesla Roadster is coming (pictured above). Musk said that Tesla could release a driveable model by the end of this summer, with sales to start next year.

The numbers are mind-boggling—or ludicrous as the company likes to say. An optional “SpaceX Package” would reportedly add cold-gas thrusters behind the licence plate, allowing the Tesla Roadster to reach 100 km/h in about 1.1 seconds. Want to know what that looks like? Check out this simulation.

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