GM Introduces Fully Electric Delivery Van at CES

Today during the virtual edition of CES, General Motors introduced a new sub-brand called BrightDrop along with a fully electric delivery van: the EV600.

This comes just a few days after the automaker unveiled a new logo to mark its transition toward an electric future.

Featuring sliding doors up front, the EV600 promises a range of up to 402 kilometres. When plugged into a 120-kW power source, it will be able to regain about 170 kilometres of range in an hour.

Cargo capacity is said to reach 17,000 litres, while the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 10,000 pounds. Inside, a large 13-inch display takes centre stage on the dashboard and is powered by an advanced infotainment system.

Production of the EV600 will start by the end of 2021 with the first 500 units earmarked for FedEx, which played a role in the development. Canadian businesses will need to be more patient, however. Pricing is unspecified at this point.

The presentation hosted by BrightDrop CEO Travis Katz also included a revolutionary take on the classic pallet jack. Called EP1, it is electrically powered, too.

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