First Electrify Canada Charging Station is Now Open

Electrify Canada, a new charging network being implemented by Volkswagen in major metro areas in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, yesterday opened the first of 32 planned fast-charging stations at Toronto Premium Outlets in Halton Hills, Ontario.

It also announced its new mobile app, pricing structure and tiered membership options.

“We want customers to experience our innovative approach to enhancing the EV charging experience,” said Robert Barrosa, Chief Operating Officer of Electrify Canada. “With new membership plans, competitive pricing and a mobile app that makes charging with us easier than ever, we are confident that a growing number of consumers will consider making their next vehicle purchase an electric vehicle.”

Charging at Electrify Canada stations is priced by the minute and determined by the maximum charging capability the vehicle communicates to the charger, the province where the charging station is located, along with the driver’s membership status. The three power levels for pricing are 1-75 kW, 1-125 kW and 1-350 kW.

Depending on local utility rates and the power level of the EV, per-minute DC fast charging prices can start as low as 21 cents per minute with Electrify Canada’s Pass+ membership.

Photo: Electrify Canada

Electrify Canada Mobile App

Available for both Android and iPhone, the Electrify Canada mobile app makes it easy for customers to start and track a charging session from their smartphone.

More specifically, the app allows you to locate an available charger and get full information about it, pay for a charge (after uploading your payment information into the app) instead of using your credit card, start a charging session with a simple tap or swipe on the screen, and track the progress in real time by showing your vehicle’s current state of charge until the battery reaches “bulk” charge (typically around 80 percent).

Furthermore, with the Electrify Canada app, you can choose one of two membership options. Electrify Canada Pass is designed for occasional users and requires the standard per-minute cost plus a $1 session fee, while Electrify Canada Pass+ is designed for frequent users who want to benefit from the lowest per-minute price. Available for a $4 monthly subscription fee, you can save about 20 percent on every minute compared to non-subscription prices.

For further information including pricing details, you can visit

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