Electrify Canada: Simplified Pricing, Still Too Few Charging Stations

Inaugurated in September of last year, the new Electrify Canada charging network backed by Volkswagen is still slow to develop with only nine locations up and running out of the 32 that were initially planned, including several at Canadian Tire stores.

Regardless, the company announced that starting on Monday, October 5, EV owners will benefit from more competitive rates and savings in most instances under the network’s streamlined per-minute pricing plan.

Electrify Canada’s simplified pricing structure will bill customers for the time spent charging based on two power levels, from 1-90 kW and 1-350 kW, down from the previous three power levels (1-75 kW, 1-125 kW and 1-350 kW).

Photo: Electrify Canada

All session fees of $1 will be eliminated and rates for higher-kilowatt charging will be reduced by over 50 percent from the previous plan with rates beginning as low as $0.44 per minute. Prices for DC fast charging up to 90kW will continue to start as low as $0.21 per minute (with a Pass+ membership).

The simplest way to locate a charging station, identify the number of chargers currently available, begin a charging session, track its progress and make a payment is through the Electrify Canada mobile app—as is the case with similar networks like the Electric Circuit.

Right now, you can find an Electrify Canada location in Brockville, Oshawa, Markham, Mississauga, Welland and Tilbury (Ontario), as well as Kamloops, Kelowna and Merritt (British Columbia)

To learn more, you can visit www.electrify-canada.ca.

Photo: Electrify Canada
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