The Next Chevrolet Camaro Is Coming

Muscle car aficionados, get your calendars ready: Chevrolet just announced that they will unveil the next generation of the Camaro shortly. Even better, it’s less than 2 months away.

The official unveiling will be held on May 16th in Detroit, where the Camaro was originally born. For the occasion, Chevrolet will hold a special event, where we will be able to marvel at some of the most significant Camaros ever built, race around the Belle Isle circuit in professionally-driven Z/28s and participate in a meet and greet with the upcoming Camaro’s designers. Even better, if you own a Camaro, you will be parked up front: Chevrolet planned a special spot for you. Spaces are limited, and you have to register early. Obviously, Camaro owners will be given priority.

If you know the car’s history, you will recognize the above badge; glued to the sides of the very-first Camaro in 1967, these three lines were synonymous with performance in the Chevrolet lineup. They mysteriously disappeared when the Muscle Car was revived in 2005, but the manufacturer used an updated version of the badge to announce the 2016 Camaro, so we can reasonably expect that it will make a comeback on the new car.

Watch this space, we will be closely monitoring the unveiling of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

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