Return Of The Yenko

During the horsepower wars of the seventies, one of the most efficient weapons for Chevrolet’s aficionados came from a dealership in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. There, mechanics assembled Camaros that bore the Yenko badge, and people who lined up next to these cars on the boulevard quickly realised that they were no ordinary Chevy muscle cars: under the hood sat the 427 cubic-inch powerplant that was used in the Corvette (along with a slew of performance parts). These cars were so popular that Don Yenko eventually had to order them directly via the Central Office Production Order (COPO).

Now that muscle cars are back at the forefront of the performance scene, SLP Specialty Vehicles decided to revive the Yenko name on a Camaro. Just like old times, a 7 litre (427 ci) LS7 engine that was used in the Corvette sits between the front fenders. However, modernity has found its way into the car, too: on top of the engine rests a massive supercharger that boosts power all the way to an impressive 700 ponies. These are all sent to the rear wheels via a reinforced manual transmission (the automatic is still available as an option). The car also comes with various visual cues, like a front bumper from a ZL1, unique wheels, a fiberglass hood and lots of badges and graphics that tell everyone around you that you are driving a Yenko.

Production will be limited to 50 units, and SLP offers a 1 year warranty on the powertrain and a 3 year warranty on the rest of the car.

We can’t wait to see what this Yenko Camaro can do against the Challenger Hellcat, and also compare it to the eventual high-powered Ford that has yet to show up.

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