Toyota Sienna Spongebob Edition: Blame Nickelodeon

This type of marketing stunt can be typically found at the SEMA Show, but it seems that this one wandered out of the Las Vegas Convention Center and wound up at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Among the sleek concepts and high-end cars, this modified Toyota Sienna was …distinctive.

Based on a Toyota minivan, this vehicle is a rolling advertisement for Spongebob Squarepants' next movie. The van has obviously been modified to look like the movie’s main character, but the changes don't stop there: the wheels are also painted blue and yellow, and there is a huge pair of eyes over the front windshield. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t help drivers see what is in front of the Sienna.

The submarine theme from the cartoon continues inside: the floor is covered in sandy beige carpet, while small clouds have been airbrushed onto the ceiling. Each seat has been reupholstered to represent one of the characters, the dashboard is made of wood and the boat steering wheel that replaced the original one is quite hard to miss.

However, the real party piece is on top of the van: a gigantic machine that makes soap bubbles on demand.

At the end of the Los Angeles Auto Show, this vehicle will be mercifully put out of its misery by being paraded across the United States to promote the new movie (it will also entertain kids, and force parents to get much closer to a minivan than they normally would).

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