Tesla Model 3

Price $47,600 – $74,990
Fuel consumption N/A
The Car Guide rating N/A
Deliveries have started in 2018, and the Model 3 keeps generating plenty of interest in Canada. Finally, Tesla offers a more compact and especially a more affordable electric sedan (starting at $45,600). Standard range is announced at 354 kilometres, and you can extend that to 499 kilometres by selecting the larger battery. A gigantic 15-inch touchscreen is included in every Model 3, but don't miss driver-friendly options like all-wheel drive and enhanced Autopilot.

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NewsTesla Model 3’s Paint Problem Has a Solution Now
The Tesla Model 3 ’s accelerated paint degradation is well-documented. Several owners across the country and around the world have reported abnormal damage at the bottom of their cars and behind the wheels after just a few months. Some have even turned to legal action to hopefully have the problem …
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While the Tesla Model 3 primarily attracts consumers looking for a long-range, high-tech electric car, it also manages to appeal to a certain number of performance enthusiasts. You already know the top-of-the-line Performance variant (MSRP from $75,990), which cuts 0-100 km/h acceleration times to 3.4 seconds. It is available with …
NewsTesla Denies Any Unintended Acceleration Problem
In a statement released yesterday, Tesla insists that there is no unintended acceleration in its vehicles and that the recent petition launched by a group of U.S. drivers is “completely false.” Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) decided to review the petition, which alleges that all Tesla …
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