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Lotus Evora

Price $75,100 – $90,450
Fuel consumption 6.6 – 14.4 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 72%(view ratings)
The Evora is Lotus’ most recent masterpiece. As the proud replacement of the Elise and Exige, it proves to be much more comfortable than its predecessors. Its 3.5L V6 comes from Toyota. Weighing in at approximatively 1400 kg, this powerhouse guarantees thrills. For more demanding drivers, Lotus recently launched the Evora S. With a supercharger grafted to the base V6, it offers nearly 70 more horses.

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First Drives2012 Lotus Evora S: It won’t change you, except...
Lotus, the little English manufacturer steeped in history, is barely surviving in this era where huge corporations reign supreme. For various reasons, it had to stop producing the Elise and Exige, fun little two-seaters that handle more like go-karts than GTs. To target a different clientele that is just as …
First Drives2010 Lotus Evora: Big game hunter
The Lotus name is legendary in Formula One, as much for the 79 victories and seven titles as for the team’s bold and often controversial innovations. Its return to F1 this year, with cars in colours that are reminiscent of its past successes, has been a happy one – even …


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NewsLotus Evora Sport 410 : Lighter Than Ever!
Like clockwork, Lotus periodically churns out lighter and faster cars. Both the Elise and its larger sibling, the Evora, receive better materials and lighter components on a regular basis to turn them into unique special editions. They sometimes tout their increased power, but more often than not, Lotus focuses on …
NewsThe Lotus Evora Roadster Is Coming
It seems that Lotus’ financial health is improving: their new CEO Jean-Marc Gales confirmed that a project announced numerous years ago (one that was shelved because the company was broke) will finally be produced. Just in time for next summer, there will be a roadster version of the Evora. It …
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It's been a big year for the SRT (formerly Dodge) Viper, after a big unveil in Detroit this past January of both the production coupe and the GTS-R competition model. The latter has been hyped as the chariot for Chrysler's triumphant return to GT-class racing, flying under the SRT Motorsports …
New ModelsMore Powerful Lotus Evora North America Bound for 2011
After the comparatively huge sales success that Lotus’ diminutive Elise and Exige models have proven, the quirky English brand will be unloading a decidedly more comfortable model on our shores in just two short years. Their four-seater Evora grand-tourer (or as close to a grand tourer as you’re liable to …


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