More Powerful Lotus Evora North America Bound for 2011

After the comparatively huge sales success that Lotus’ diminutive Elise and Exige models have proven, the quirky English brand will be unloading a decidedly more comfortable model on our shores in just two short years. Their four-seater Evora grand-tourer (or as close to a grand tourer as you’re liable to see from Colin Chapman’s brainchild) was first shown in November, and will be unleashed later this year with a relatively tame naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 producing 276 horsepower.

However, the big news will be the supercharged model that has been promised for 2011. Raising the horsepower to 350, this new motor will also be paired with the first ever automatic transmission fitted to a Lotus; specifically for the shift-lazy North American market.

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