Lincoln MKT

Price $58,676
Fuel consumption 11.2 – 15.7 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 68%(view ratings)
Despite being the last vehicle to feature Lincoln's old design language, the MKT continues to deliver spacious seating for up to seven along with a potent twin-turbocharged V6. The latter sends 365 horsepower to all four wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission. The second-row bench can be replaced by a pair of bucket seats with or without a refrigerated console in between. Meanwhile, active park assist makes it easier to manoeuvre this large SUV.

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Test Drives2013 Lincoln MKT: I told you so!
A few years back, after spending a week aboard the then-new, incredibly impressive, and beautifully named Zephyr sedan, I made the mistake of favourably comparing it to the Lexus IS. I say mistake, not because the car wasn't up to the task, but because in doing so I earned myself …
Test Drives2010 Lincoln MKT: The minister’s limousine
Lincoln, Ford’s prestige brand, won’t pull off the score of the century with the marketing of its MKT. Many are even wondering why Lincoln created a vehicle mid-way between the mini-van and the wagon. The original idea was a good one since it appears that the mini-van in its current …
Test DrivesSweatpants on Wheels: The 2010 Lincoln MKT
When I drove Ford’s Flex last year, I came away with a pretty healthy respect for a car that was intended to do little more than give would-be minivan buyers a slightly cooler option. With seven comfortable seats, and enough attention to detail to satisfy an Olympic figure skating judge, …
Test DrivesThe 2010 Lincoln MKT: Sweet on the inside!
The economic crisis saw all three American auto manufacturers embark on major restructuring, and yet, the actual number of models available has hardly diminished, at least not for the time being. In this context, which is paradoxical to say the least, manufacturers have felt that if they want to make …


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RecallsFord Announces Four More Recalls in Canada
Ford has just issued four safety recalls including three for North America and another one for Canada only. The largest recall affects approximately 1.2 million 2011-2017 Ford Explorer SUVs in the United States and around 28,000 in Canada. Units that are exposed to frequent full rear suspension articulation (jounce and …
NewsIndian Workplace Violence Leads to Idling Ford Plant
A recent altercation between Indian labourers and management in an auto parts plants has left Ford’s crossover plant idle. After persistent troubles and issues involving fired labourers and a striking work force, it came to blows as the striking workforce marched towards a group of men acting “at the behest” …


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2019 Lincoln Nautilus
Soon, all the MK nameplates will be retired; for now, the MKX name—only two years into its new generational-cycle—has been changed to the Nautilus, an adventure and journey description also depicted by the Navigator and Continental. Despite the name change, the Nautilus still sits on the same platform as the …
Motoring TV 2003 Episode 17
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Los Angeles
Unveiling of the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus
While the Nautilus isn’t an all-new model, it’s more than just a refreshed Lincoln MKX. A fact that is immediately apparent because the brand’s new front-end design language has been adapted to the vehicle. The rear of the Nautilus does still bear many similarities to the MKX, as does the …
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Review: 2015 Lincoln MKC
Lincoln is still hoping to find its identity, and the MKC may be the ticket. featuring an edgier design than what Lincoln buyers are used to, the MKC is a big part of the brand's renaissance. The Motoring TV team was in California for the launch to find out whether …
Motoring TV
Review - 2014 Lincoln MKZ
Lincoln sales are in a dive, and it's hoping this new MKZ will help them achieve a Cadillac-style comeback. We get our first drive to find out. Motoring 2014, Episode 10 …