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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 4C

Price $64,495 – $78,495
Fuel consumption 6.9 – 9.7 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 68%(view ratings)
This pretty Italian marks the return of Alfa Romeo on Canadian roads. The chassis of this two-seater, mid-engine coupe is made of aluminum and carbon fibre, keeping weight down to just 1050 kg! The heart of the beast is a 1.7L turbocharged four-cylinder, offering 237 horsepower and 258 lbs.-ft. of torque. Paddles behind the steering wheel allow changing the gears of the six-speed dual-clutch automated manual. This hardcore sports car even offers a “Track” mode.

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First DrivesAlfa Romeo in 2019: Looks Matter
PONTIAC, Michigan – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) invited more than 200 automobile columnists, bloggers and journalists to M1 Concourse, located 30 minutes northwest of Detroit, for a combined introduction to the new Alfa Romeo and Maserati products. The choice of location makes perfect sense when you consider that Tim Kuniskis, …
First Drives2015 Alfa Romeo 4C: Live And Direct
There are a couple of ways to re-introduce yourself to the Canadian market if you're an Italian automaker that's been sitting on the sidelines across the Atlantic for most of the past two decades. If you're Fiat, for example, you can attempt to appeal to the masses by way of …
Test DrivesAlfa Romeo 4C: A Stranger Among us
They say that there’s a reason for everything in life, even our trials and tribulations. Chrysler certainly felt the brunt of the financial crisis and subsequently went through major restructuring, but the new Fiat management has infused the brand with new flavour, something that probably couldn’t have happened any other …


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NewsAlfa Romeo 4C Bows Out With Tribute to Iconic 33 Stradale
Next year is probably going to look a lot like 2020 due to COVID-19, so is this why FCA Canada waited until mid-December to announce a limited edition of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider as a 2020 model? The real reason is because the sporty Italian roadster introduced in 2014 …
NewsAlfa Romeo Announces (US) Pricing For The 4C Spider
When Alfa Romeo announced their 4C sports coupe, we fell in love with its sexy Italian styling; when the manufacturer said that they would do a convertible version, we waited eagerly to find out just how many of our dollars we would have to spend to get behind the wheel …
DetroitAlfa Romeo's 4C Goes Topless At The Detroit Auto Show
A few days ago Alfa Romeo announced that they had something new to show off at the Detroit Auto Show, and we were anticipating a convertible 4C; prototypes have been seen running around in the last few months, and such a car made a lot of sense for the manufacturer.
NewsWhat FCA Has In Mind For Detroit
It seems that FCA has a few tricks up its sleeve for the next Detroit Auto Show. In the last days, a few interesting rumours have cropped up. First of all, RAM enthusiasts will be glad to learn that their favourite truck builder has published a short video on their …
NewsNorth American Alfa Romeo 4C Will Weigh More
We were thrilled to learn that Alfa Romeo would come back to our shores with the 4C as its first offering. The sleek little coupe is unbelievably attractive, and everybody who has driven it seems to have fallen in love with it. With yesterday’s news about which dealerships would be …
GenevaAlfa Romeo 4C Spider: Only one Year to Wait...
The sexy little Alfa Romeo 4C will soon be available on our shores, and at the Geneva Auto Show, the Italian roadster is going topless. This new targa-topped version will have a retractable cloth top. As is customary for a convertible, the 4C spider is fitted with beefier support beams …


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