What FCA Has In Mind For Detroit

It seems that FCA has a few tricks up its sleeve for the next Detroit Auto Show. In the last days, a few interesting rumours have cropped up.

First of all, RAM enthusiasts will be glad to learn that their favourite truck builder has published a short video on their Instagram account which mentions that a new off-road vehicle is on its way. We don't have any more details and said video doesn't help at all, but we can speculate that a new RAM 1500 equipped with off-road bits is coming, since the HD trucks already have the Power Wagon, which is tailored for offroad trails.

There were also rumours that we would ''get our Alfa Romeo fix in Detroit''. Once again, we have no proof, but we can speculate that we will see the new 4C Convertible. Prototypes have been seen roaming around, so it makes sense that the manufacturer would unveil such a car shortly before Spring. However, it's entirely possible that Alfa Romeo may launch an entirely new car, since they are planning on having eight new models by the start of 2018.

Whatever the automakers are hiding, we will have to wait until January 12 to learn more.

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