More Powerful and Hardcore Porsche Taycan is in the Works

The Porsche Taycan may leave a few people disappointed when it comes to range, but that’s definitely not the case as far as handling and performance are concerned. Or is it?

The zero-emission German sports sedan reclaimed the title of the fastest production EV at the Nürburgring this summer, but it’s no match for the Tesla Model S Plaid in a drag race. The former tops at 750 horsepower in Turbo S trim (with Launch Control activated), while the latter delivers a whopping 1,020 horsepower.

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But guess what? It appears that Porsche is looking to address the issue as spy photographers have caught a unique prototype doing tests at the Ring. We can’t show you the pics here, but the model sported an aggressive front spoiler and rear diffuser in addition to a pretty large wing.

Photo: Porsche AG

According to Autoexpress, the automaker is working on a new high-performance Taycan, possibly called Turbo GT. Rumour has it that a three-motor configuration is part of the mix, which would match the Model S Plaid and create the most explosive sedan to come out of Stuttgart—one with improved torque-vectoring capabilities on top of that.

Aren’t you excited about that? I mean, if you can afford the car, of course. The top-line Turbo S currently starts at $222,400 including freight and dealer fees.

Photo: Porsche

Until the mid-cycle refresh arrives, the 2023 Taycan can be ordered now. As reported a few months ago, the car receives an update that reduces charging times and increases range across most of the lineup. The exact ratings for Canada have yet to be posted, but they should reflect the EPA figures in the U.S., with bumps of 7-29 miles (11-46 km) depending on the model.

Incidentally, said update will also be available to 2020, 2021 and 2022 Taycan owners and will enable all models to receive over-the-air software updates more easily, without any visit to a Porsche dealer, in the future.

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