Nearly All 2022 VW Golf GTI, Golf R Units Recalled for Radiator Troubles

Volkswagen’s hot hatches are being recalled to fix an engine-related issue. The recall affects 2,477 Golf GTI and Golf R units from the 2022 model year in Canada, which are nearly all the units that have been sold across the country since the duo hit the market in the fall of last year.

The problem is that the radiator of some of these cars may not be attached correctly. As Transport Canada explains, a coolant hose could be damaged by contact with the serpentine belt pulley and coolant could spill onto the road.

In this situation, drivers will see a red warning light turn on in the instrument cluster. If they ignore the warning light and continue driving, the engine could overheat and potentially catch fire.

Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen will notify owners by mail and instruct them to take their Golf GTI or Golf R to a dealership to ensure that the radiator is attached correctly. If it’s loose, the coolant hose and serpentine belt will also be checked for damage, and replaced if necessary. Owners won’t be charged for the repairs, of course.

This recall slightly tarnishes an otherwise near-flawless record for the two compact sports cars out of Germany, which are the Best Buy in the segment for 2023 according to our team at The Car Guide.

By the way, there are no significant changes for the new model year, but you should know that the Golf GTI is celebrating its 40th anniversary in North America while the Golf R is turning 20. A special edition is planned for Canada, and we should get the details sometime soon. Stay tuned.

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