Mazda’s Electrification Plans Are Finally a Bit Clearer

After resisting the adoption of electrified powertrains for many years, Mazda today announced it plans to launch 13 new electrified models globally between 2022 and 2025.

These products based on the "SKYACTIV Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture" will be introduced mainly for the Japan, Europe, North America, China and Southeast Asia markets. They will consist of five hybrid models, five plug-in hybrids and three fully electric models.

Specific information and availability for Canada will be announced at a later date, Mazda says. We already know the 2022 MX-30, which is set to go on sale in Quebec and British Columbia this fall, while a hybrid SUV to be built in Alabama with a Toyota-sourced powertrain has been confirmed.

Next, starting in 2025, Mazda will introduce a unique EV platform called "SKYACTIV EV Scalable Architecture," which can be adapted for various vehicle sizes and body types.

By 2030, the company expects that all of its products will have some level of electrification, a quarter of which will be pure EVs. The ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Photo: Mazda

Autonomous Driving is Also Part of the Plan

In related news, Mazda is currently working on deploying a new autonomous driving system it calls "Mazda Co-pilot Concept." However, it’s more about occupant safety than a substitute to the brand’s trademark fun driving experience.

Essentially, the system monitors the driver's condition at all times. If a sudden change in the driver's physical condition is detected, it will switch to autonomous driving, pull over to a safe place, stop the vehicle and place an emergency call.

Photo: Mazda

The first version, known as Mazda Co-Pilot 1.0, is planned for larger Mazda models beginning next year.

Technological development will also include a next-generation Electric/Electronic Architecture that will enable speedy processing of data from inside and outside the vehicle as well as over-the-air updates.

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