The 40 Colours of the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R

Both manufacturers and consumers don’t often take risks when it comes to choosing paint colour choices for their vehicles—especially in North America. For popular mainstream models, we’re usually limited to a few shades of grey, white and black, and sometimes, a red, a blue or a brown. Or beige.

However, we can understand that very few people would buy a canary yellow Honda Accord or a hot pink Nissan Rogue. In some rare cases, we’re allowed a halo colour on a new model, but only for a year or two. A perfect example is the lime green paint choice on the Honda Civic Coupe.

Although it’s easy to criticise the manufacturers, the truth is that customers are conservative when they pick a colour for their new vehicle, since it might have an impact on resale value. In addition, a colour that’s too extroverted could be tough to sell, and a dealer could be stuck with a new car on its lot for a while before moving it out with a huge rebate.

Still, Volkswagen took the plunge. In Europe, buyers have much more paint colour choices and take more risks than North-American buyers. Manufacturers reduce production costs by painting their cars in batches on the assembly line. If a buyer desires a unique colour, it will cost extra.

In Canada, a special range of colours has been offered on the Volkswagen e-Golf and Golf R, and there are now 40 to choose from for the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R. Aside from the standard colour palette, we can get one of these:

Anthracite Metallic (new for 2019)

Caribbean Green (new for 2019)

Dark Burgundy (new for 2019)

Dust Gray (new for 2019)

Futura Yellow (new for 2019)

Graphite Metallic (new for 2019)

Mocha Anthracite (new for 2019)

Moss Green (new for 2019)

Mystic Blue Pearl (new for 2019)

Nogaro Blue (new for 2019)

Oxide Red (new for 2019)

Slate Grey (new for 2019)

Squirrel Gray (new for 2019)

Star Blue (new for 2019)

Jazz Blue Pearl

Techno Blue Pearl

Inky Blue Pearl

Prussian Blue Metallic

Azure Blue Pearl

Deep Blue Pearl

Sarantos Turquoise

’91 Blue

Ice Blue

Viper Green Metallic

Racing Green

Reseda Green

Cliff Green

Irish Green

Magma Orange

Copper Orange Metallic

TNT Orange

Violet Touch Pearl

Traffic Purple

Dark Violet Pearl

Mars Red

Bordeaux Red Pearl

Hot Chili Pearl

Raspberry Red

Ginster Yellow

Curry Yellow

Note that Harvest Moon Beige, Champagne Metallic, Terra Brown and Laser Blue Pearl were available for the 2018 model year, but aren’t for 2019.

These 40 colours are only available on special order. And these paint choices cost—sit down—$2,995 before taxes.

So, it’s up to buyers to decide if they want to risk choosing one of these colours and obtain a car that could be difficult to resell, or that could be worth more given its rarity. These are expensive colours, obviously, but least we now have more choice.

Photo: Volkswagen Canada Inc.
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