BMW's Most Expensive Paint

We know that some options on a car can quickly make the price climb: whether it’s unique wheels, a sound system powerful enough to make your home cinema system jealous or heated, cooled and massaging seats, it’s easy to add a few thousand dollars to the sticker price of an already expensive vehicle. The German manufacturers are especially well known for this.

If you have ever built a car using an online configurator, you know that some colors cost more than others. This can be annoying, especially since the most beautiful shades will be more expensive than the no-cost black or grey. However, you generally end up paying for it anyway, since you know you will have to live with the vehicle for a number of years.

One particular paint option at BMW could make you change your mind, however: named Pure Metal Silver, it is only available via the BMW Individual customizing service. It requires a few layers of an expensive primer, and unlike most automotive paint, it is applied by hand.

How much does it cost? On a regular sedan (like the M5 shown above), you can expect to pay around $10,000, which is twice as much as the price of a regular BMW Individual paintjob.

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