BMW Unveils 2015 M6 Lineup

When it was launched, BMW’s 6-Series was designed to offer a luxury coupe for buyers who wanted a stylish car to cover great distances quickly. Since it is based on the 5-Series platform, the 6-Series is available with the same drivetrains and equipment as the sedan.

For 2015, the M6 lineup saw a few changes. Whether it’s the M6 coupe, the convertible or the weirdly-named Gran Coupe (which is a sedan), all will benefit from a few nips and tucks to make them look younger: the front bumper has been redone, and the headlights now sport LED daytime-running lights. The front fenders are slightly different, and their side gills are now larger. 19 or 20-inch wheels help the M6 stand out.

Inside, Merino leather and M stitching are standard, and buyers can opt for illuminated sill plates.

Under the hood, the twin-turbo, 4.4 litre V8 is still in office generating 560 horsepower in the ‘’stock’’ version. The available Competition package adds 15 horses to the engine, which shaves a tenth off of the 0-100 km/h times: 4.1 for the coupe and the sedan, and 4.2 for the convertible.

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