The Egoista is Going Into Retirement

Launched last year, the Lamborghini Egoista surprised pretty much everyone in the journalistic community. The brainchild of Walter de Silva, the Egoista separated all those who saw it into two clans: those who hated its Hot Wheels look, and those who marvelled at the total ridiculousness of the concept (in case you were wondering, I was in the second group).

Designed to represent the concept of hedonism pushed to the extreme, the Egoista was shaped like a fighter jet. The angles seem to be cut with a cleaver, the car features position lights out of a F-22, and the glass panes are covered with an orange antiglare film. Even better, the car is a single-seater only, and the pilot has to get inside by bending himself in a very precise manner, just like a military plane!

To make sure the car’s performance can match its look, the Egoista is powered by a screaming jet turbine 5.2L V10 engine out of the Gallardo. With 600 HP, the only thing keeping this rocket on the ground is a fully-active aerodynamic package and Lamborghini’s proprietary 4WD system.

The Egoista is now a year old, having been unveiled for the manufacturer’s 50th anniversary. The only one ever made toured the globe for a year, appearing at the most exclusive shows. It is now time for the Egoista to take a well-earned rest at the Lamborghini museum, in Sant’Agata Bolognese. It will be displayed in the showroom for a few months, before being moved to a more permanent spot in the museum.

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