Volvo XC90 Signature Edition: the last special edition before the refesh

The current first generation Volvo XC90 has been offered since 2003. It will depart next year to make way for a newly redesigned 2015 model.

Before replacing it however, Volvo will offer one final special edition. Called the Signature Edition, it will be sold in some European markets and was presented for the first time this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  This is the most luxurious SUV ever offered by Volvo.

The Volvo XC90 Signature Edition is distinguished by:

- The silver skid plate;
- Silver rockers;
- Directional bi-xenon headlights;
- Silver mirrors;
- The exclusive diffuser;
- Its 19” alloy wheels.

Inside, it differs from other versions by its custom leather upholstery which is surrounded by aluminum inserts. Note the presence of a blue instrumentation background.

Designed to resemble the look of the XC90-R, this last special edition Volvo XC90 is powered by a 240hp 3.2 litre six-cylinder in-line engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

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