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Why is the Nissan Micra the best buy in its category?
Subcompact cars have rapidly evolved in recent years, offering more refinement, comfort and options than ever before. But at what price? We believe subcompact cars must remain affordable, simple and easy to maintain, and the Nissan Micra checks all these boxes. It also happens to be super fun to drive, …
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Can the Nissan Micra Cup sell cars?
"Win on Sunday sell on Monday" is the old NASCAR adage. However, with the Nissan Micra Cup, all the cars are the same, Nissan will own the podium. Can this translate into selling cars come Monday morning? (This segment originally appeared on Motoring TV 2016 episode 25) …
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Nissan Micra Cup, good for car sales and Canadian racing?
The Micra Cup is Canada's newest racing series. Despite the fact it's Micra vs Micra, Nissan is convinced it can sell cars come Monday morning. But can the series also be good for Canadian racing and what makes this a grassroots series? We went to Mosport to find some answers …
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2016 Nissan Micra Cup kicks off at Calabogie
The Nissan Micra Cup 's second season is set to get underway this weekend at Calabogie Motorsports Park, marking the series' first foray outside of Quebec. The two-race event at the track southwest of Ottawa kicks off a season that includes three race weekends in Ontario and another five in …
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Test Drive: 2015 Nissan Micra
Last sold in Canada 21 years ago, the Nissan—née Datsun—Micra is still sold in 160 countries worldwide. Well it's back, and Graeme Fletcher was on hand to take a closer look at the subcompact Micra and what it brings to the table. From a base model that features manual windows …
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Nissan goes racing in Canada with Micra Cup
With Nissan launching the Micra Cup series in Canada, Motoring TV sent Two-Minute Test Drive host Russ Bond to Circuit Mont-Tremblant to see what it is all about. Based on his time spent at the track in the Micra Cup car, Russ thinks the series is going to be a …
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