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First Drives2012 Lotus Evora S: It won’t change you, except...
Lotus, the little English manufacturer steeped in history, is barely surviving in this era where huge corporations reign supreme. For various reasons, it had to stop producing the Elise and Exige, fun little two-seaters that handle more like go-karts than GTs. To target a different clientele that is just as …
First Drives2010 Lotus Evora: Big game hunter
The Lotus name is legendary in Formula One, as much for the 79 victories and seven titles as for the team’s bold and often controversial innovations. Its return to F1 this year, with cars in colours that are reminiscent of its past successes, has been a happy one – even …
Test Drives2009 Lotus Elise: Radical and expensive...
But oh so much fun! In fact, there are very few cars at any price that can offer as powerful a ride and that’s the main reason for buying an Elise. You can forget about luxury or comfort. Z4, Boxster or Nissan Z buyers, basically you’re in the wrong place.


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NewsLotus Will Build An SUV
It seems that Lotus will finally have to relent and build mass-appeal vehicles: in a recent interview, Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus, confirmed that the English automaker was indeed working on a crossover. That shuffling sound you just heard? That was Colin Chapman rolling over in his grave. So far, …
ParisLotus Elite – In with the Great Ones
This small British constructor is seeing things in a grand way since it will soon reveal five new models at the Mondial de l’automobile de Paris, which should become a reality before 2015. Among all of these, we find the Lotus Elite. First hybrid coupe four-door sedan The Lotus Elite, …


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Sorry, no result for Lotus Concept. Here are results for Lotus