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TokyoLexus LF-30 Electrified Concept Unveiled in Tokyo
TOKYO, Japan – Like many other manufacturers, the Toyota Motor Company is electrifying its future with expanded development of plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technologies, but also fully electric powertrains. Luxury brand Lexus will also benefit from these new forms of electromobility, and to showcase what’s in store for …
DetroitLexus LF-1 Limitless Concept: Pushing the Limits… What Limits?
With a name like Limitless, a vehicle has to offer its share of innovations to live up to its name. Created by the CALTY design research studio in California, the LF-1’s styling is “like molten metal being forced into a fine Japanese sword.” At least that’s what it reads in …
TorontoLexus LF-FC Concept: Heading Down the Hydrogen Path
It took a while to get here, on display at this year’s Toronto Auto Show. The Lexus LF-FC Concept was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October… 2015. After unveiling its hydrogen-powered, compact Toyota Mirai sedan, the manufacturer’s second vehicle to use this type of energy source could …
ParisLexus UX Concept to be unveiled at Paris Auto Show
A new concept SUV from Lexus will make its world premiere at the upcoming Mondial de l’automobile on September 29. No information has been made available yet. However, Lexus did publish a teaser image of the UX Concept. Although the profile hints at a coupe, there are actually four doors …
TorontoLexus' LF-C2 Concept Showcased in Toronto
At the Toronto Auto Show, Lexus announced they will bring a few interesting vehicles to their kiosk. The IS 200t and its turbocharged engine will be there, just like the AWD Lexus RC 300 and the updated LX 570. The new GS F will also be at this show: combining …
NewsLexus LF-FC Concept illustrates brand's future
Lexus has unveiled its LF-FC Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, a car that "offers a peek into the design and technology direction of the brand’s future flagship sedan." Longer, wider and lower than its LS sedan, the largest in the brand's current lineup, the Lexus LF-FC features new styling …
TokyoLexus LF-LC: Hydrogen Now Equals Luxury
While other manufacturers are set on electrifying all their models, Toyota seems to favor hydrogen powerplants. After unveiling their Mirai compact sedan, they are now working on Lexus’ new flagship vehicle which will feature a similar drivetrain. We saw the original LF-LC at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2012.


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