Infiniti G

Price $43,950 – $67,300
Fuel consumption 7.4 – 12.9 L/100km
The Car Guide rating 72%(view ratings)
The Infiniti G line includes three models, each of which is available as a sedan, coupe or convertible. The more dynamically styled Infiniti G IPL (Infiniti Performance Line) convertible and coupe are powered by a 3.7L V6 that delivers 343 and 348 horsepower, respectively. Meanwhile, the intermediate luxury sedan can easily accommodate five passengers, all of whom can sit back and enjoy signature Infiniti comfort.

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Test DrivesInfiniti G37xS Coupe: A technology-tinted windows to the past
I read an article a while ago about the impact of technology, and what I read was quite interesting. Although limited in scope to the effectiveness of modern-day appliances in their ability to reduce the amount of time spent doing housework, the article drew the interesting conclusion that although modern …
Test Drives2011 Infiniti G37 IPL: Needs Less IPL, More FUN.
It's taken BMW, Mercedes, and Audi a long time to bring their respective tuning branches known as M, AMG, and Quattro into the light. Having earned their proverbial wings on the racetracks and rally roads of Europe in the sixties, seventies, and eighties, each of these storied divisions has lent …
Test DrivesThe 2010 Infiniti G37x: An All-Wheel Drive Alternative
Vancouver is, in nearly every way, a bubble. One of the most temperate cities found north of the 49th parallel and possessing of some of the most desirable urban scenery to be found, its nickname of “Hollywood North” is much deserved for more than just the city’s tie to the …
First Drives2011 Infiniti G25, the most affordable Infiniti!
For 2011, Infiniti is introducing two new additions to its G line-up – one at either end of the spectrum. The G Coupe IPL takes the top position in terms of performance and sportivity, while the new entry-level model is the G25. The G25 puts Infiniti in a better position …
Test Drives2010 Infiniti G37 Coupe: More comfort than sport
The G37 Coupe is without any doubt one of the most elegant models of the Infiniti line. It’s true that the hardtop convertible version is almost the same, but I find that the regular coupe model has somewhat purer lines. Moreover, what’s the point of offering a hardtop convertible that’s …


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New ModelsInfiniti World’s First Backup Collision Intervention Technology
– Two New Performance Luxury Vehicles Set to Join the Infiniti Lineup in Spring 2012, Backup Collision Intervention System Joins List of Infiniti Innovations – Infiniti JX 2013 and Infiniti IPL G Convertible Hindsight may be 20-20, but only the innovative Backup Collision Intervention system, introduced by Infiniti at the …
New Models2013 Infiniti IPL G Convertible: Joins the IPL G Coupe
– Infiniti Performance Line (IPL) Expands As Stunning New Open-Top Model Joins IPL G Coupe in Infiniti Showrooms Beginning Spring 2012 – Infiniti announced that it will double its Infiniti Performance Line lineup of premium performance vehicles in spring 2012 with the addition of a new 2013 IPL G Convertible.
New ModelsInfiniti Introduces First IPL Vehicle to Canada
Yesterday, Infiniti Canada announced it will debut the first vehicle in its all-new specialty-performance vehicle collection, the Infiniti Performance Line, at the 2011 Montreal Auto Show in January. On display for the first time in Canada will be the all-new 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe. “In January, Canadian car enthusiast …


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