Fans Want V6 Back in Toyota Camry, Launch Petition

While ramping up its electrification efforts, Toyota rubbed a few people the wrong way by making the 2025 Camry exclusively hybrid. That meant saying goodbye to both the base 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine and the only remaining V6 in the segment.

The latter was a strong performer with as much as 301 horsepower—far more than the 225-232 horsepower available with the new Camry. Fans now want to see it return to the lineup, as evidenced by the petition that was launched on to hopefully put pressure on the automaker.

“The Camry Hybrid can stay, but the gasoline-powered mid-size Camry for the 9th Generation should bring back the V6 engine that Camry owners should expect,” the petition says.

We highly doubt this will work, no matter how many people wind up signing. In other words, the V6 will never be back under the hood of the Japanese sedan—or most other Toyota models for that matter.

Photo: Antoine Joubert

However, pleas for more power and performance might persuade Toyota to add its Hybrid Max powertrain as an option. In the Crown, the system generates 340 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque by combining a turbocharged 2.4-litre engine with two electric motors. Not only that, but it uses a conventional six-speed automatic transmission instead of a CVT.

In order to preserve some separation between the Camry and the Crown, the power and torque figures would likely be revised somewhat. Now, would such a move cause too much damage to the Crown? Good question. Remember, this is a brand new model that’s about to enter its third year on the market.

We may have to wait until the 2026 model year or the Camry’s mid-cycle update to find out.

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