2025 Aston Martin Vantage: Wicked Looks and Enhancements All Around

Strong points
  • Moteur très puissant
  • Excellente tenue de route
  • Style à couper le souffle
  • Système multimédia amélioré
Weak points
  • Prix élevé
  • Coût des options
  • Valeur de revente
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Sevilla, Spain—The Vantage has been part of Aston Martin’s lineup for 74 years and gets an extensive update for the 2025 model year including extra power as well as various chassis enhancements. Electrification is nowhere to be found, mind you. The Car Guide recently flew to Spain to push the new British sports coupe on the magnificent roads around Sevilla and also at Circuito Monteblanco.

In a surprising turn of events, the units available on that sunny day were all UK-spec models with right-hand drive. No worries—since the track has more left turns, we’d have an easier time spotting the majority of apexes along the way.

656 Horses

Circuito Monteblanco was a perfect venue to explore all the different ways that the 2025 Vantage is improved, starting with power. The twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 now generates 656 horsepower (+153) and 590 lb-ft of torque (+85). That’s 30 percent more output than the previous iteration, which is pretty impressive. The engine is paired with a new Launch Control system, and you have the ability to dial-in the precise amount of slip you want during the launch by making changes via the adjustable traction control system.

Photo: Andy Morgan

You have nine levels of system intervention to choose from, with the top one giving you complete freedom. Even at level 6, wheelspin is possible when accelerating, including in fourth gear. Make no mistake: the latest Vantage is a serious track machine, with the skills to match its seriously sexy body—something that couldn’t exactly be said before.

A more potent engine and optimized control systems only tell half the story, though. Consider the perfect 50/50 weight distribution and 7 percent increase in torsional stiffness. Or the fact that the Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 tires were developed specifically for the Vantage. Power is fed through a ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission. The shortened final drive ratio delivers punchier in-gear acceleration, while revised transmission shift calibration makes for quicker shifts speeds and offers different shift characteristics to suit each of the Vantage’s dynamic modes.

Photo: Andy Morgan

Unlike a conventional limited-slip differential, the 2025 Vantage’s electronic rear differential actively augments stability in conjunction with the electronic stability control system. What’s more, the two-seater retains a RWD configuration at a time when many rivals have embraced AWD.

On the Spanish track, the Vantage switched directions with poise and confidence and consistently hit the ideal line with precision. You can drift your way out of a corner with ESC turned off. By the way, the test car we drove came with the optional carbon-ceramic brakes and highly supportive sport seats.

It’s no wonder the Vantage is so good on tarmac: the production model was developed alongside the Vantage GT3 that competes in racing series such as the World Endurance Championship and top events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Photo: Andy Morgan

A Star on the Road

Obviously, few owners are going to take their Vantage out on a race track. The good news is that the updated model is much sharper on public roads, too. Through 200 km of driving on empty byroads near Sevilla, the car’s variable electronic power assist steering proved extremely precise and rewarding. Don’t get us wrong, we very much enjoyed pushing the Vantage on the track, but we fell in love with it while playing with the second, third and fourth gears on twisty blacktop.

The cockpit is largely similar to that of the DB12, with a digital instrument cluster and a highly responsive, 10.25-inch touchscreen marking a huge improvement from the previous Vantage. We’re immensely grateful for the override switches for the chassis, ESC, exhaust system, lane assist and park distance control, ensuring the most used controls can be operated intuitively. On top of that, you’ll find lovely rotary controllers for cabin temperature/ventilation and audio volume (there’s a killer Bowers & Wilkins stereo with 1,170 watts of power). It’s great to see designers still caring about that sort of stuff.

Photo: Andy Morgan

Wicked Looks

As for styling, the 2025 Vantage sports a completely redesigned front end featuring Valkyrie-inspired headlights and a 38 percent larger grille opening for additional engine cooling. Speaking of which, functional hood scoops and front fender vents are part of the package, the latter bisected by carbon-like inserts with the Aston Martin name on them. A carbon aero kit and larger quad tailpipes sitting under a wider rear bumper accentuate the car’s wicked looks.

Canadian pricing starts at $229,200. The first units are slated to land in September.

Our next adventure with the renowned British automaker will involve the Vantage Volante convertible. And don’t forget that a next-generation, V12-powered Vanquish is scheduled to debut in late summer during Monterey Car Week in California. We’ll keep you posted.

WATCH: The Car Guide drives the 2025 Aston Martin Vantage

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