VinFast Debuts Electric Pickup Concept, Tiny SUV at CES 2024

Vietnamese automaker VinFast took many people by surprise this week by showing a new electric pickup concept called VF Wild at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

We’re talking about a midsize truck that stands approximately 5.3 metres long and 2 metres wide. Weight is not specified but is likely heavier than conventionally powered rivals.

Unlike the current crop of VinFast SUVs that were designed by Italy’s Pininfarina, including the VF 8 and VF 9, the new VF Wild is the work of Gomitiv, an Australian company. It embodies “Fluid Dynamism" inspired by the flowing motion of a superhero’s cape in the wind, yet at the same time the pickup’s stance, fenders and lower body look pretty rugged to us—skid plates included.

Photo: VinFast

The side mirrors are replaced by cameras for the sake of aerodynamic efficiency, while the large windshield blends with the panoramic roof to provide outstanding visibility.

The cabin is pretty cool and convenient for many reasons. The doors open in opposite directions and there are no B-pillars, creating easy access to the front and rear seats. What’s more, a power-folding midgate delivers a class-leading bed length designed to expand from 5 to 8 feet with the rear seats folded down automatically.

Photo: VinFast

VinFast didn’t mention anything about the powertrain or battery (power, torque, payload, towing, range, etc.), but we believe a future production model would use the same dual-motor setup as the 402-horsepower VF 9.

What are the chances the VF Wild does end up on Canadian roads later this decade? We wouldn’t bet against it. Remember, VinFast plans to build a factory in North Carolina for the U.S. market, were pickups are big business as you know.  

Super-Small VF 3 Coming to North America

Also at CES, VinFast hosted the North American debut of a tiny electric SUV called VF 3. The company plans to sell this one on our shores alongside its larger siblings, below the compact VF 6 and VF 7. Early reservations will begin later in 2024.

Photo: VinFast

Essentially limited to the city, the single-motor VF 3 (output TBD) is projected to offer just 200 km of range. It’s only 3.2 metres long, making it significantly shorter than even a Mitsubishi Mirage. The interior can accommodate four people, while maximum towing capacity is rated at 550 litres… with the rear seats down. A 10-inch touchscreen is part of the package.

VinFast promises to share more details and specs later this year. We’ll keep you posted.

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