Toyota Retains Global Sales Crown, Has 3 Models in Top 5

Toyota managed to hold on to its global sales crown in 2022 with nearly 10.45 million vehicles sold around the world. This includes luxury brand Lexus, as well as Toyota subsidiaries Daihatsu and Hino.

The Japanese juggernaut easily trumped runner-up Volkswagen AG, whose 8.3 million units sold in 2022 represent a decade low. Hyundai Motor Group posted global sales of 6.8 million vehicles.

Toyota’s total is actually down 0.1 percent from 2021, with domestic sales plunging 9.6 percent while export sales climbed 2.3 percent.

In North America, Toyota sold 2.1 million vehicles last year, nearly 10 percent fewer than in 2021. This allowed General Motors (approx. 2.3 million vehicles) to recapture the lead across the continent.

Photo: Toyota

Toyota admitted that the “situation remains difficult” due to supply chain disruptions, but it expects a significant improvement in the second half of 2023 just like many other automakers and market analysts do.

Another interesting fact about Toyota is that it continued to dominate the ranking of the world’s best-selling vehicles in 2022. According to stats from 162 countries compiled by Focus2Move, the top 5 is as follows:

  1. Toyota Corolla: 1.12 million units (-2%)
  2. Toyota RAV4: 871,000 units (-14%)
  3. Ford F-Series: 786,000 units (-9%)
  4. Tesla Model Y: 759,000 units units (+88%)
  5. Toyota Camry: 677,000 units (-3%)

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