GM Has Mini Electric Pickup in Mind, But For Whom?

The new, second-generation Chevrolet Montana pickup that was unveiled last month for the Brazilian market ended up generating quite a bit of interest up here. And it’s easy to see why. Given huge demand for the Ford Maverick, one has to wonder if and when General Motors will launch a small pickup of its own in North America.

That’s exactly what the automaker showed to a small group of U.S. journalists this week at its EV design studio in Warren, Michigan. At least plans for such a model.

According to Automotive News, the proposed truck has just two doors, a low roofline, a cargo bed no more than 4.5 feet long and overall dimensions that are smaller than those of the aforementioned Maverick, not to mention the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Styling is described as “futuristic and sporty.”  

The project (which doesn’t have a name) has yet to receive the green light has GM intends to use it to get customer feedback. The vehicle would obviously be designed not for work but rather for recreation.

Photo: Antoine Joubert

The biggest difference with the Maverick pictured above would be the electric powertrain. To be clear, no technical details or specs have been mentioned at this point. All we know is that affordability would be a priority, with GM talking about a base price under $30,000 USD.

Picture it as the Bolt of electric pickups, except with GM’s Ultium platform and not the small hatchback’s. Standing among the much larger Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV and Hummer EV, Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T and Ram 1500 Revolution, the new model would have no direct competitor. Ford has said that a second electric pickup is coming, but it’s unclear whether the company was referring to an electric Maverick.

The project sounds like it could be successful in markets like Mexico and South America. Single-cab pickups are no longer popular in Canada and the U.S. Just how many singles or couples would want a mini truck with a mini bed? We’re not sure. On the other hand, a killer price could be hard to ignore.

Watch: Welcome to Kapuskasing, home of General Motors winter testings

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