Porsche Drive Subscription and Rental Program Launches in Montreal

The unique Porsche Drive program, which offers a daily and weekly on-demand rental service as well as a monthly subscription plan, is now available to Montrealers.

"With over 450 first deliveries in Canada since the program’s inception, Porsche Drive is back in the greater Montreal area, with an extended offering of flexible and convenient alternatives to conventional vehicle ownership," said Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada.

How does it work? Through a digital platform, members have access to a fleet of various models from the German sports car maker including the 911 and the all-electric Taycan. Porsche Centre Rive-Sud and Porsche Centre Lauzon oversee the in-person experience and the Porsche Drive fleet in Montreal, including white-glove vehicle delivery and maintenance. Local health guidelines are observed, thereby ensuring the safety of customers.

All services feature delivery and pick-up by a concierge anywhere a customer chooses within a 50-km radius around the city’s downtown core.

Photo: Porsche

Porsche Drive Rental

Whether for weekend getaways, date nights or vacations, members can schedule a daily or weekly rental service with an allowance of up to 400 kilometres per day. Daily pricing ranges from $319 for a Macan to $539 for a 911 when selecting a one- to three-day rental period. Opting for a 911 over a rental period of four days or more reduces the daily price to $469.

By the way, all operating costs except fuel, charging on Taycan and E-Hybrid models, and taxes. Porsche Drive requires a one-time activation fee of $750 (waived on a three-month single-vehicle subscription membership), and membership approval is dependent on a background and driver profile check.

Photo: Porsche

Single- or Multi-Vehicle Subscription

The single-vehicle subscription offers members access to a single Porsche model of their choice for one or three months as a starting commitment. Monthly pricing ranges from $2,650 to $4,900 for a 30-day period, depending on the model selected. Insurance, maintenance and concierge service are included.

A multi-vehicle subscription plan will soon be available in Montreal, too. It features unlimited swaps from a list of select models from the entire line-up, with the exception of 911 GTS and 911 Targa models, both of which are currently offered exclusively in the single-vehicle subscription. The single monthly payment is $4,500 plus taxes and fees.

To sign up and to apply for a membership in Montreal, customers need to go the Porsche Drive website.

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