Alfa Romeo Confirms Launch of First Fully Electric Model

Alfa Romeo finally unveiled its brand new Tonale compact SUV last week after a wait of nearly three years. A tad smaller than the Stelvio, the vehicle brings electrification to the Italian brand’s portfolio in the form of an available plug-in hybrid powertrain generating 272 horsepower and providing around 48 kilometres of EV range.

Is a fully electric Tonale next? We might indeed see one at some point as Alfa Romeo told us the platform is compatible with EV applications. However, another model will arrive first.

In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said that the company’s first all-electric vehicle will launch in 2024. It will be a crossover slotting below the Tonale in terms of size and built on an updated version of the CMP platform used by Stellantis.

Photo: Stellantis

This new model could be called Brennero after the famous Italian mountain pass (just like Stelvio and Tonale). It will also offer variants with combustion engines. Production will take place in Poland on the same assembly line as future Jeep and Fiat models.

Alfa Romeo’s first dedicated EV will come in a year later in 2025. Imparato hinted that it might be a replacement for the Stelvio or the Giulia sedan, but did not elaborate.

Last summer, Stellantis committed to making Alfa Romeo an EV-only car brand in North America, Europe and China by 2027.

Watch: All-New 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale is Unveiled

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